Hailiing from london, The Planes are tipped for big things this year.  Their anthemic Alternative post Punk Rock driven sound is reminiscent of some of the late great bands of the 70's and early 90's with a sound that also defines a new era in music.


led by powerful and emotive vocalist/lyricist and guitarist Massimo Martella, The Planes embrace the 'loud and quiet' sonic ethos with versatile drummer Ricardo Silva and bass player Seb Orlande whose menacing bass lines add more fuel to the fire , which can be heard on songs like 'She's a mystery' and 'The raven and the shooter'.


The lyrics reflect the current times in our society, the need for social change and the importance of standing up and being heard.

There's a revolution inside us all, a change we should never hold down because without this, we deny ourselves the very foundations on which we can build something beautiful.


Freedom, love and revolution.

The Planes

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